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Kuber Kunji



Sun Sign:All Zodiac

Zodiac Sign:All Zodiac

Rare Item:No

Short Description:   God Kuber is the lord of wealth and the god-king of the Yaksha�s in Hindy Mythology. Kuber is also known as the protector of the world and in many parts of the Hindy mythology he is known as the �king of the whole world�, �king of kings�, �lord of wealth�, �giver of wealth�

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  • Protects your safe/cashbox/wealth from the bad sight of people and enemies.
  • Safeguards your cash/safe/wealth from bad omen.
  • Makes the presence of God Kuber felt where the key is placed.
  • Attracts wealth in abundance as Kuber is the God of wealth and prosperity.

Reason To Wear:

  • Safety / Protection of Wealth, Wealth attraction
  • Feel insecure about your safe/cashbox?
  • Want to protect your safe/cashbox by the evil sight and intentions of your employees, enemies.
  • Want your safe/cashbox to be blessed with the power of Lord Kuber.

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