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Vastu Vinayak Haridra Ganpati



Sun Sign:All Zodiac

Zodiac Sign:All Zodiac

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Short Description:   If you feel that the location of your home, office, factory etc has a unchangeable Vastu layout and nothing can be done about it, Vastu Vinayak Ganpati helps in negating the negative Vastu elements and helps in prevailing positive Vastu powers in whatever layout/location possible. It is suggested that Vastu Vinayak Haridra Ganpati is wrapped in a piece of yellow cloth and kept near the entrance of your shop/office/factory etc to stop the negativities to enter the place and let stay the positivities, good health, luck and success.

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  • Vastu Vinayak Haridra (turmeric) Ganpati is a small Ganpati/Lord Ganesh figure carved out of Haldi, an auspicious as well as religious spice often used in various pooja ceremonies and occasions of new beginnings.
  • Vastu Vinayak Haridra Ganpati brings good luck, health and success.
  • Vastu Vinayak Haridra Ganpati should be tied in a piece of yellow cloth and kept around the entrance or premises of your home/office/shop factory etc.
  • Keeps negative energies and bad omen away from your home/office/workplace.

Reason To Wear:

  • Good luck � Positive energy
  • Feel your home/office/factory/workplace has negative energies because or no Vastu compatibility.
  • Think the location is your home/office lacks positivity due to its construction type, location, face of entrance?
  • Want to filter the bad wishes and energies and keep them away right from the main entrance?

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