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Dakshina varti Shankh



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Reason To Wear:There are a lot of different types of conches. Out of these, two conches hold immense importance. One is Vamavarti shankh and the other is Dakshinavarti shankh. In Tantra Shastra, Dakshinavarti shankh is considered to be more of use than Vamavarti shankh. Due to its closed mouth it is only worshiped and does not release any sound. Dakshinavarti shankh symbolises Goddess Laxmi and therefore is a symbol for fame and success. Worshipping this shankh makes a person’s life rich and prosperous. It brings success in business. It is believed that pouring water to the Sun from a Dakshinavarti shankh eliminates eye problems. It is also believed that if you fill water in this shankh and keep it besides your bed at night, your home will always have a peaceful atmosphere.

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